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One thing you may have always wanted to do was to get your office computer from a distant location and print. Maybe You Are at home or setting up another office branch and desire hard copies or attachments it is possible to send via e-mail. Creating a system for remote access and printing is surprisingly easy. For example you may have to access QuickBooks or MYOB via the Internet and print an invoice. A database over the Internet is asking for trouble so the alternative will be to take control of a PC via the Net. In other words you take control of the office computer so no vital information really flows over the Net so it acts like a slave,. When anyone remotely accesses a computer at the office one thing you should keep in mind is; nobody at work can put it to use. It really becomes a slave. It’s exactly the same as two people trying to use the same computer, concurrently. If it’s your own computer at the office it’s no problem. п»ї

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If it is a common PC or a third party from another place must access the database it becomes a problem. In this case you will need to network another simple PC system to act as a slave at the office. We’re assuming here that the software is a multi user version appropriate for use on a network. When viewing the office slave via the Internet, a window will open on your own PC monitor that is an exact replica of the slave. You can input data and commands by using your own mouse and keyboard. Another step would be to setup a way of printing. One manner is to use Adobe Acrobat software to become a printer.

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When printing an invoice to Acrobat it’s going to create a portable document file or PDF. PDF files are simple and safe to send via the web and they print out easily. By saving and printing these PDF files to a standard folder on the slave PC it is possible to retrieve them and if desired print them on the local printer. Another strategy would be to email them to your own address. Business accounting software generally has this built-in e-mail attribute. The last piece that needs to be addressed is how is a connection that is remote accomplished? There are several ways to connect two cheap software computers via the Internet.

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One of the simplest methods is with free software called Ultra VNC. By doing an internet search on Google you’ll find the Ultra VNC website where you are able to download the software. The office computer needs to be setup as the server, while the remote PC only needs the viewer characteristic of the applications installed. The setup procedure is quite straight forward if you use the default settings. It is simply a matter of following the prompts when running the install process. There’s a FAQ section at the download site. For communicating with the slave PC at the office the VNC software contains a simple to use file transfer utility. It’s possible for you to use this utility for retrieving the PDF files for printing on your own local computer.

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