Brainstorming And Producing The Argument Prompt

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Communication healthcare

This essay can look at interaction within a healthcare setting up and will give good examples from literature to demonstrate the importance of communication. It’ll use the job of (Ellis& Beattie, 1986) and also (Egan, 1990) as models for successful communication. It’ll discuss whether these types are adequate alone to enable effective communication and can also draw along personal activities from the clinical place.

Communication underpins all the nursing interventions (Minardi& Riley, 1997). Conversation is a fundamental tool for health care delivery (Rungapadiachy, 1999). To listen to another person may be the most caring act of most, Listening and how to write a short essay: key steps attending will be by far the most important aspects of being a nurse (Burnard, 1992).

(Roper, 2001) Emphasizes communication as a fundamental element of the unique function of nursing.

(Peplau, 1988) used the word, psychodynamic nursing, to describe the dynamic relationship between a nurse and an individual.

Peplau described four phases of the relationship:

The orientation phase, where the person and the nurse mutually distinguish the individuals problem.

The identification phase, where the person identifies with the nurse, thereby accepting help.

The exploitation phase, in which the person makes make use of the nurse’s help.

The resolution phase, in which the person accepts latest goals and frees herself or himself from the partnership.

Peplau also discovered six nursing roles of the nurse:

  • Counseling Role – dealing with the individual on current problems
  • Leadership Role – working with the individual democratically
  • Surrogate Position – figuratively standing in for aperson in the patient’s life
  • Stranger – accepting the patient objectively
  • Learning resource Person – interpreting the medical plan to the patient
  • Teaching Role – giving information and helping the patient learn

(Betts, 1992) states that persons have a basic drive to relate to one another, which is certainly expressed through interaction. Even if dialogue doesn’t happen, smiling as is not smiling a sort of connection albeit non verbal.

Communication could be conceptualized as some components that require a message, transmitter, receiver and a channel for transmission. All of these elements could be categorized into either verbal or non-verbal components. Both of these categories incorporate in the skill of effective listening, which is a cornerstone of effective interaction (Minardi& Riley, 1997).

(Ellis & Beattie, 1986) used a diagram to illustrate the conversation system, (appendix a).

The communication system is split into verbal and non-verbal parts. The verbal communication contains thoughts, clauses and sentences, which allows the exchange of info, clarification of problems, demonstrating understanding and also to offer support and way.

The non-verbal program contains four elements:

Prosodic, which can be used to give emphasis to verbal connection through intonation and rhythm how to write a good persuasive essay.

Paralinguistic, which are the vocal but non-verbal expressions such as for example mmm, ah that will allow the person offering the info the confirmation they are being listened to.

Kinesic, is body language, for example facial expressions, gestures, job of the recipient.


The standing element, which may include appearance, personal space.

Although a style of communication can merely demonstrate the communication procedure it can also oversimplify.

A model only provides a framework for observing, understanding and predicting what happens when two persons communicate (Heath, 1995).

Effective interaction between a nurse and a patient is a conscious, goal directed method that differs from casual or social interactions. It really is undertaken as an instrument with which to build up trust, effect switch, promote health, provide limitations, reinforce, orient, convey, recognize and work at goals (Schultz & Videbeck, 2002)

An essential requirement within effective communication may be the ability to understand the concept. Each component of communication must be examined separately. For instance, within the Kinesic factor,

(Egan 1990) offers the acronym, SOLER, when contemplating the aspect of body language. Egan suggests to:

Sit Squarely with regards to the client,

Maintain an Open posture,

Lean slightly towards your client,

Maintain reasonable Eye call,


Through personal experience whilst in the medical area I have applied this acronym and found it effective although having to examine my very own actions later to assess whether its was used to its total potential. I have found that to be seated squarely with the client isn’t necessarily the very best position this has offered periods of irritation both for myself and visibly to the patient. By sitting in this posture there is less possibility to break eye get in touch with without appearing distracted or disinterested. Start body posture can provide a sense of disinterest as well as increasing anxiety in myself in conditions where there could be a risk of physical aggression. In the suggestion that Egan offers of relaxing, it has been easier sometimes when the other suggestions of Egan’s have already been modified.

(Betts, 1992) states it is necessary never to stare at the patient for too long as this could be seen as an intimidating gesture as also can distance where as well close is seen as an invasion or a threat or too far could be interpreted as the nurse staying unable to cooperate.

Within the verbal component it is also very important to the nurse to recognize the difference between a person declaring what they indicate and signifying what they say (Minardi& Riley, 1997).

An example of this from my own clinical experience was whilst having a conversation with an individual, they explained that they just wanted to kill themself. Whenever we explored this statement further more the patient explained that they didn’t truly mean they wished to kill themselves but instead that they experienced they couldn’t cope with current concerns. By sitting and discussing these problems, a number were able to be resolved and others reviewed. In this example and with such an alarming statement for a student nurse it would have already been a simple get out to dismiss the declaration.

(Speight, 1991) however, claims that by responding in this manner could have resulted in the individual being unwilling to check out this affirmation further. Speight suggests that reflection can be utilized as a communication approach.

For example, when the patient made the assertion, the response that could be used is among “ you intend to kill yourself?” and thus encouraging a further response from the individual about the statement.

To permit effective communication the health care worker must also be aware of the average person factors involved. All conversation between individuals has inner factors that may influence the sending or acquiring of the concept, these can include beliefs, goals, physical and psychological says and the perceptions of others roles, status and personality. Exterior factors can include environmental, social, biological, mental and monetary influences (George, 1990).

(Minardi& Riley, 1997) suggests that it is also important in being a powerful communicator to ensure that the vocabulary used during communication reaches a level that could be understood through familiarity of text.

Once the fundamentals of communication are understood, so that you can turn this into successful communication it is crucial for the healthcare employee to examine their individual actions through reflection (Minardi& Riley, 1997).

This may be done with the aid of a style of reflection such as Gibbs reflective cycle (appendix 2). Gibbs identifies five details for reflection. Description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, summary and action.

By using Gibbs reflective cycle I have already been able to identify obstacles either personal, environmental or on a physical level. This I believe possesses led me to a larger understanding of my own actions, thoughts or emotions and helped me identify solutions to these obstacles.


In conclusion, this essay has recognized and examined types of communication and discussed the many elements involved. It has presented examples from literature to strain the importance of communication and discovered elements needed towards interaction being effective within healthcare. It has got drawn on personal encounter form the clinical location to demonstrate the skills required in keeping a therapeutic relationship and in addition identified the necessity for ongoing reflection through the communication processes.

Case Review – Skullcraft and ERP

Case Analyze – Skullcraft and ERP

Discussion Questions

  1. What encouraged Skullcraft to pursue ERP even though the company had just 26 staff?


An Enterprise Resource Arranging system can be an integrated system which helps how to write a compare and contrast paper the organization to manage its information; inventory, procurement, supply chain, finance, human learning resource etc. are few of the many information an ERP really helps to manage.

Although, the company had just 26 staff members, an ERP program will enhance the managing of information which is not limited to just human resources.

The following facts will justify the implementation of the ERP system:

  • The business was rivalling Sony in the U.S. earphones market with sales of up to $37 million.
  • The company had around 200 to 300 percent gross annual growth rate.
  • The business had to take care of large amounts of transactions.
  • The finance department was using Excel spreadsheets and Quickbooks to control the books.
  • Wide distribution of goods.
  • No product tracking through supply chain till ERP was applied.

In a nutshell, Skullcraft was a small business with transactions comparable to a large enterprise. Thus managing methods was getting ultimately more and more complicated as the company grew in product sales and buying an ERP system will help the company maintain its resources in a more efficient way. Furthermore, as the ERP program was fully hosted, the business did not have to manage a separate ERP infrastructure that was a reward for them.

  1. What features brought on Skullcraft to select SAP’s ByDesign?


SAP’s ByDesign was a unique system which fulfilled Skullcraft’s just about every requirement. After evaluating various systems, Beth Siron chose ByDesign for the following reasons:

  • SAP’s ByDesign was a fully system hosted mass number equals system meaning that it didn’t required additional information system infrastructure to be implemented by Skullcraft. The business would use the ERP system online which made it easy for every single and every department to put it to use from anywhere.
  • It enabled big business practices for managing financials, inventory, customer relations, source chain etc. in a file format accessible to smaller businesses. This was perfect a was the tiny enterprise with twelve-monthly growth rate of 200 to 300 percent.
  • It helped Skullcraft to track the merchandise through the supply chain.
  • The ERP program was enabled the company to forecast long term demand.

Thus, the software did everything a major company’s Information Program would do but without the additional infrastructure and a workforce to manage it. These features where ideal for Skullcraft which was a little firm with transactions add up to a sizable firm.

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. How do you think Skullcraft could maintain a small staff while increasing production 200 to 300 percent annually?


Rick Alden saw a unique business opportunity in offering high-end radically designed headphones to Skiers and Skateboaders. The business was also the first of all one to enable users to change between music listening and cell phone conversations over headphones.

The reason behind the tremendous development was the target market and distribution channel. The business initially targeted specialty ski and skate retailers and later large retail chains. Specialty retail retailers attracted huge amounts of extreme sports activities fanatics which put Skullcraft on the map in the headphones industry.

Even with just 26 employees, the business was effectively able to manage its operations exclusively production and distribution. It isn’t unusually for a firm to possess a tremendous growth level with such a tiny workforce. If businesses are effectively managed, development could be increased without comparable expenditure in additional resources.

The company may experienced the production outsourced which makes sense as a tiny workforce cannot produce and maintain such large product demand. Moreover, the company could have arranged the goods to the picked up at the manufacturer’s workshop and dropped at the specialty retail stores. Thus by efficiently managing the stream of goods, the business must have been able to increase its creation up to 200 to 300 percent with simply just 26 employees.

  1. Do you think Skullcraft is unusual in its size and requirements? What other businesses can you think about that fit the Skullcraft model?


No, Skullcraft is not unusual in its needs and size. It I common for a company to have a tremendous growth rate even with a little size. Many small company offer services to a sizable number of consumers. Skullcraft’s Rick Alden realized an exceptional business opportunity which became an enormous success and helped the business experience a growth price of 200 to 300 percent annually. Also, the business was able to properly manage and integrate procedures resulting in huge product sales while maintaining a little human capital.

Other businesses that suit the Skullcraft style are:

  • IT businesses like GoDaddy which offer domain companies to small and large enterprises enterprises can serve a big number of customer with its small size. The improvement in internet services allows such firms to stay small and serve large. Thus, buying an ERP program will permit GoDaddy to manage procedures more effectively.
  • Freight Forwarding businesses consolidate good from several buyers into one big container. This helps cut down the expenses of shipping small amounts of goods. They use the infrastructure of big organizations and manage businesses right at their tables. Also, and ERP program can help freight forwarders to track the goods through the source chain and mange consumer relations.
  • A small logistics firms manages the operations and uses sources of other organizations to transport the goods. Their small size needs huge amounts of solutions. And ERP in a logistics company with help the staff track the goods, manage the finance, maintain client relations etc.
  • Medical firms, architecture businesses, designing and developing firms and several other IT sector companies are small in size but their needs are huge.

Thus, Skullcraft’s size and needs are not unusual as it is quite common for a company to stay small but serve a sizable number of customers which will inevitably increase their needs.

Group Members

Dhruvit Shah

Praveenchand Nair

Abhay Khurana

Brahamdeep Singh